Kunstraum Friends & Neighbours


Bruce Asbestos, Christine Binnie, Luca Bosani, Milda Lembertaitė & Amelia Prazak, Johnston Sheard and Vanessa da Silva
13 & 14 July 2018, 2pm

On Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July, Kunstraum Bacchanal: A carnival celebrating wildness! intervenes into Whitecross Street Party‘s 10 years anniversary! Artists are producing floats and performances which join up as a carnival procession (from 2pm daily) through the festival crowds, accompanied by a small army of costumed performers/stewards who will make the whole thing possible.


Whitecross Street Festival (WXSP) was founded as a grassroots street art festival by artists occupying the former Moorfields Primary School. Inspired by their neighbouring Bunhill Fields – a 17th Century cemetery for adherents to the non-conformist churches – they named it “Rise of the Non Conformists”. Today the festival is more a part of the establishment, with major support from Islington Council and including participation from some major cultural organisations, but Kunstraum’s Bacchanal (meaning: a wild and drunken celebration) aims to recall the festivals grassroots nature and anarchic spirit.

Kunstraum sits on the WXSP organising committee since 2018 and in this position champions the festival as a site of multiple art forms and art worlds co-existing and cross-pollinating one another. Out of the melting pot of WXSP we have found amazing partnerships and collaborations with our friends and neighbours across the Islington ward of Bunhill.