Allusion to a body no longer present

Curated by Camille Bréchignac

“When she died at 3 in the morning, the doctors came along and I said:
‘open the window let the soul out’
and I thought after this: ‘Why did I say that?’
I don’t really believe in it do I?
But I said it and I still wanted the window open
and I can’t explain that sometimes.”

‘Allusion to a body no longer present’ is a collaboration between artists Tyler Eash and Sara Rodrigues, curated by Camille Bréchignac and produced with Kunstraum for the satellite programme of Block Universe.

Initially conceived for the Swiss Church in London, the performative installation was reworked within Saint Giles, a 14th Century Gothic church at the heart of the Barbican. The performance, featuring the artists alongside Rodrigo B. Camacho and Alexandra Baybutt, is comprised of spoken text, music, choreography and sculpture. The script is derived from interviews with members of the Swiss Church congregation on the significance of self, search for meaning, and remembrance after death.

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