Beth Collar

For a week, converging on 10 June, Beth Collar and Hannah Still will work alongside each other and in relationship, rather than in collaboration, transforming the space of Kunstraum into a working environment – holding space for silence, apathy, antagonism and affection – that will become the backdrop to performances that take their ongoing conversation about ways of feeling, thinking through and thinking about the stomach brain, brain stem, inner speech and free speech as their shared starting point.

Hannah Still is an artist and writer. Most recently she has been thinking around the poetics and politics of the interview, the absence of fiction within fiction and the micro-conditions of the documentary image.

Beth Collar is an artist. Her practice examines the external forces that meld her personality, alter her desires and guide her behaviour. She is interested in the visual languages of systems of power; how the verbal can interact with the physical and through this how histories are exhumed and repurposed.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

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