Beuverie en commun

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‘Beuverie en commun’ (meaning ‘Drinking together’) is a night-long drinking party inspired by Plato’s Symposium (c. 385-370 BC), organised in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Something Soft’: Julie Béna, Susie Green, Zoe Williams and Deniz Ünal.

In order to create an intimate environment of exchange, this is a strictly limited capacity event. Write to to join us.

‘Beuverie en commun’ is curated by Camille Bréchignac & Camille Houzé. Accompanying DJ sets by Giorgio Oniani.

In ancient Greek culture, the symposium or symposion – which literally means ‘drinking together’ – was a party where a group of selected citizens were invited to drink, eat and sing. Throughout the evening, large quantities of wine were served to facilitate the expression of ideas, affects and passions on a chosen thematic.

Held in 416 BC, Plato’s Symposium is the first philosophical work recorded in Western history to formulate a theory of erotic desire. In an attempt to understand the nature of human desire and the aim of loving relationship, Phaedrus, Pausanias, Aristophanes and Socrates delivered elegies of eros, the God of Love and the Greek word for ‘passionate love’ or ‘sexual desire’.

In response to Something Soft’s exploration of the shifting ground between sexuality and intimacy, Kunstraum will restage a version of Plato’s ‘Symposium’, inviting friends, artists, musicians and performers to a banquet party. Aphrodisiac food will be served, followed by a symposion of drinking, readings, music and performance. This event seeks multiple heterogeneous viewpoints, encouraging participants to contribute ideas and material which stretch and expand notions of desire, eroticism and sensuality throughout the evening. ‘Beuverie en commun’ will be dedicated to the reflection on, and imagination of, ideas and activities set against the ideas of accumulation and preservation of control, in favour of experiences of loss, waste, excess and transgression.


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