Dangerous Bodies

Our being in this world
is a public affair.

We live in relation.

Our bodies are open.

We touch.
We fight for each other.

This is not a fragile

We are true
dangerous bodies.


Dangerous Bodies narratives a multitude of characters from within a techno-humanity era. These disembodied entities are coming to terms with their own being. Kapusta’s protagonist(s) are one and are many, they are parts obscuring the centre, the partial body that speaks for a whole that cannot or does not want to be imagined as one. They speak simultaneously to the viewer, their language teetering between threat and caress, they address political and social urgencies that are distilled out of an observation of the contemporary social and political fabric. Kapusta’s protagonists ask how to imagine future societies, what tools or thought experiments we have left or have to invent to fully imagine an otherness.

Kapusta’s new publication titled Dangerous Bodies will be released in connection with the exhibition, bringing together her recent writing (designed by Sabo Day).


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A central, recurring element in Barbara Kapustas (*1983) practice is the conjunction of the body with materiality and speech. Materiality becomes entrusted with a queer agency that allows for diversity and vulnerability. She currently lives and works in Vienna.

Her objects, films and text-based works have been shown in, among others, Hysterical Mining, Kunsthalle Wien (2019), The Giant, Gianni Manhattan (Vienna 2018), Vice Versa: Our Earth is Their Moon, Our Moon is Their Earth (Prague 2018), Empathic Creatures at Ashley Berlin (2018), In Middens, Gianni Manhattan (Vienna, 2017), Instructions for Happiness (KUP, Athens 2016), Das Begreifen, and The Language of Things, 21er Haus (Vienna, 2016), The Promise of Total Automation, Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna, 2016), Dinge und Dialoge, Scriptings (Berlin 2015), Poesie, mumok cinema (Vienna, 2015).

Her most recent publication The 8 and the Fist was published in 2017 by Gianni Manhattan.  It brings together her recent writing and was designed by Sabo Day.



Supported by the Arts Council England and the Austrian Cultural Forum London



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