A neo-futuristic immersive performance installation that sees musician and performing artist Demigosh connect with his Yoruba ancestors and their deities. Performing a ritual of giving thanks to Sun, Moon, Earth and Sea, Demigosh channels the spirit of Oduduwa – The Divine King of Yorubas, The First Oni of Ife (the location said to be where Yoruba people originated).

Merging native Yoruba spiritual chants with futuristic pulsating synths and RnB vocals Demigosh will transport his audience to DEMIVERSE: a holistic space in an imagined future, where the spirit and narrative of his ancestors live after the erasure and burying of their history. Demiverse harbours their spirit, celebrates their past and shares their glory.


.     .     .     .     .     .     .    .


Active member of London-based Afro-Irish collective Blackfish, and indie band The Notas – DEMIGOSH is now proudly releasing music as a solo act. Reconnecting with his Nigerian Yoruba roots, DEMIVERSE integrates this rich cultural heritage with western musical perspectives and indie influences. His politically charged lyrics and production present a post-apocalyptic afro-futurist vision of DEMIGOSH.


Photos by Nat Urazmetova


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