Dojo Selects

A little while back we streamed Intalekt’s Dojo Selekts with School of Bop and The Floor. The Livestream from the ‘The Masta’s Dojo’, hosted and built from scratch by the great people at Kunstraum London called on some of Intalekt’s nearest and dearest to come through to the Dojo and bless it with some magnificent mixes. This was a wide stupendous sonic spectrum of vibes. This was also in support of Intalekt’s organisation School Of Bop, a free music production workshop for young people from all walks of life looking to express themselves in a safe space.

The amazing DJs we had playing on the day:

Peart (@bypeart)
Rare Treat(@rare.treat)
Busy Fingers (@busyfingers)
Emma Lou (@emma__lou2)
Melle Brown (@melle.brown)
Blue Canariñho (@bluecanarinho)
Entek (@entek444)
Digital Mozart (@digital_mozart)

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