Dorine van Meel

An intimate dialogue at a wedding; the confessions of a young banker; hitchhikers at the gas station; a scene from an Antonini film; a description of a Hilary Clinton clip on youtube; twitter feeds from UK’s prime minister; voices resonating in space. The fragmented spoken narratives and multiple projections in Dorine van Meel‘s Disobedient Children form an abstract landscape which posits the need for a new social imagination. The work’s protagonist – voice by the artist herself – delivers an ode to the disobedient voices who may rupture commonly held ideologies and patterns of thinking.


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Music and sounds produced and performed by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier and Olle Holmberg. Voice-over by Dorine van Meel.

Disobedient Children is kindly supported by the Elephant Trust and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Photographer: Tim Bowditch

29 November 2015
As part of her exhibition, Disobedient Children, Dorine van Meel has invited artists and writers Maria Gorodeckaya, Megan Nolan, Rianna Jade Parker (The Lonely Londoners), Naomi Pearce and Nina Power to present their own responses to the theme of disobedience. Their contributions will vary from an autobiographical fiction on the implications of “learning to lie”, a poetry reading, a short lecture on the pre-recorded female voice in public space, readings on the political climate in which we find ourselves today and a response to the show that asks: “Are artists always expected to be disobedient?”


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