Exhibition Setup

Kunstraum has been putting on exhibitions since 2012 and its one of the things we know the best. Kunstraum is a very light and airy space with windows on three sides of the building and skylights overhead. For visitors to your exhibition, our proximity to lots of other galleries and art institutions, as well as shopping and entertainment spots makes us attractive to visit.

Kunstraum specialises in producing complex installation art and video art projects, so we’re no stranger to intricate set-ups and the space is equipped for putting on innovative exhibitions. We’re particularly interested in hosting interdisciplinary projects which bring all the artforms together.

– Overhead adaptable track-lighting with LED spotlights
– 2 x Celestion 300W wall mounted PA system with bluetooth connection
– Flexible ceiling rigging system for suspension of artworks or AV equipment
– Full range of woodwork and metalwork tools for on-site fabrication (power tooluse by fabrication professionals only)

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