Ffion Cambell-Davies – Boundless

Streaming on twitch.tv/kunstraum and Instagram Live (@kunstraumlondon)


I am not my body, I am not the flesh, limitless I am boundless.

A thread of memories held around the body, from the past, present, looking to the future. From the sublime cradle of the vessel holding ancestry, family karma, identity and gender injuries and wounds, restrained within societal contortions, ‘Boundless’ symbolises the human umbilical chord of consciousness. Understanding there is abundance within restriction, there is freedom within limitation, there is strength within resistance.

Traversing storytelling and empowerment, Boundless is a new performance commission by multidisciplinary artist Ffion Cambell-Davies. The performance is the intersection between ritual, music video & conceptual film, bridging experimental sound design, lyricism, spoken word and live art.


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