Life/forms 2.0 | Königin der Nacht

Curated by Lucy Cowling


‘Königin der Nacht’ or Queen of the Night is the vernacular name given to a rare species of cactus. The Selenicereus grandiflorus hardly blossoms in its lifespan, but when it does it is always at night, with the white vanilla-scented petals having wilted and died before dawn.


This Königin is an even more peculiar type. Growing in the half-dark, it doesn’t feed on organic matter – instead you can help with the fertilization process and bring her to life. But the fertilizer may be hard for us to provide…


This event is part of /forms. Download the free publication that accompanies this series via

The series started with:

/forms 1.0 | To want to be what you are at Chisenhale Studios, Sunday 5 August with a masterclass in mimicry and manipulation for ambitious orchids, led by Anna Frijstein.

It continues with:

/forms 3.0 | Wild Combination at Flat Time House, Sunday 16 September with a guided tour on how to be wild, time travel and other peculiar classifications of living beings, led by Lou Lou Sainsbury.

/forms 4.0 | at PEAK, Sunday 21 October with a movement class and participatory performance by Rachel Cheung, led by Piedad Albarracin Seiquer as a simulated AI.

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