Language is made to be obeyed not believed

Saturday 13 September, 5-7pm 2014

Vladimir Tomić, Unfinished Journeys
Alex Cecchetti, Theory of Rising
Frances Loeffler in conversation with Alex Cecchetti

No poem is intended for its reader

Saturday 20 September, 5-7pm 2014

Gudrun Hasle, Transledag deslaxea
Gro Sarauw, Taxi Dancer
Lucy Clout, The Extra’s Ever-Moving Lips
In-conversation with Gudrun Hasle and Gro Sarauw

New grammars of the body in protest

Saturday 27 September, 7-9pm 2014

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Hold Your Ground
Sabel Gavaldon in conversation with Karen Mirza
Werker Magazine

The thing made real

Saturday 4 October, 5-7pm 2014

Fiona James, Leaky Lecture Series
Henning Lundkvist, Orgelshtick
Lorena Muñoz-Alonso in conversation with Henning Lundkvist

Curated by Mette Kjærgaard Præst

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