Jennifer and Christine Binnie’s exhibition and live programme comes under the title of ‘The Muddy Clearing’ – that space a fair distance and wiggly path from the  ‘white cube’. For what would have been the closing weekend of the exhibition (now indefinitely extended) we’re hosting Another Muddy Clearing live-streamed event!

This Friday night two people, a virtual person and a dog will be two-and-a-bit metres apart, to host a night of artists’ films, musical accompaniments and socially distanced giggles.

In March the Muddy Streaming celebrated the Spring equinox, whereas Another Muddy Clearing marks the end of a locked down Lent, Good Friday, a date derived from the Lunar Calendar – overwriting the usual art world calendars with points on the ‘wheel of the year’.

The evening will featuring films and performances  by Anne Bean, Nicola Bruce + Rebecca Marshall, Miss Marina Psyco-pomp of the Counterintuitive Homeodynamic, Paul Murphy, Jennifer Binnie + Andy Keate,  Laura Jordan + Julie Ford, Charlotte Still, Wilma Johnson , Daisy, Sebastian Dewsbury + Andrew Logan and a screening of ‘Voice of Leytonstonia’ courtesy of Eastside Community Heritage. As well as a tour of the Binnie Sisters exhibition by Thomas and Christine.

ANOTHER MUDDY CLEARING is the second iteration of LIVE STREAM events set within the context of the Binnie Sisters solo exhibition at Kunstraum- which was due to close on April 12. However, we have chosen to keep the show installed for the foreseeable future. The Muddy Clearing Live Programme seeks to acknowledging a series of countercultural performers and artists from the 1980s to today. It was originally set up as an anti-art social space, with real people and real bodies,  where people come together to surprise each other. They now do this online for your pleasure!

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