New Pabulum

Establish “Wet Nurse Café”
Re-domesticate quinoa grains in the Andes
Pull out the overgrown pine trees in the dead dunes
Sell a car
Detest old clothes
Read about the marathons
Play with a dog’s hair
See a child die

Bruno Latour proposed we ‘regroup the contemporary elements along a spiral rather than a line. We do have a future and a past, but the future takes the form of a circle expanding in all directions, and the past is not surpassed but revisited, repeated, surrounded, protected, recombined, reinterpreted and reshuffled…’. Outside a duality of present and past, action and object have
a polytemporal relationship. As the industrial production of food and of heritage combine – high tech production alongside traditional techniques – then what else could be possible. Can we take a lesson on human nourishment from the proposition of a “Wet Nurse Café” – a site for breast feeding of children by strangers. Exchanging the cow’s body with a human’s body to produce a new pabulum, a polytemporal communal experience, a nexus of milk, a charity of life.

New Pabulum is curated by Juste Kostikovaite.


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Photographer: Oskar Proctor


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