Olivier Castel

London-based French artist Olivier Castel uses ephemeral or temporal forms – including projection, light, surface, text and audio – as a set of propositions to explore the process by which an idea, space, image, or thought is made visible.

For Kunstraum, Castel sets out to evoke and reconfigure the fragile thresholds which divides interior from exterior and dreaming from wakefulness, continuing the artist’s ongoing fascination with the ways that animals of different species may perceive time, on the basis of varied life spans and cycles of sleep. Castel considers the physical fabric of a building as an eyelid; like the eyelid, the building functions to shut out the exterior world, only to produce new worlds within. Similarly, in sleep new worlds are produced by the dreaming imagination; the orb without is replaced by new orbs within.

Olivier Castel: Communicating vessels is supported by the Henry Moore Foundation.

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