Osías Yanov and Suavesitxs

To imagine and interchange new optics, to transit the visual height of a dog. This may not differ much from getting accustomed to communicating and sensitizing through digital cámeras.

Aoiɛːʁ?oh Puppy Calls and Accidents is the development of simultaneous cameras/actions to be seen in a live stream between Berlin, Mercedes and Buenos Aires. Like a video call between pupies, it’s an interface where multiple situations coexist, bringing us closer to a dog-experience.

An obedient human is affected by orders, these orders can trigger the affectivity of others. Understanding language is obedience in itself.

Disregarding language is freedom.

Translation is a path of accidents. Humanx – Technology – Dog.

Suavecitxs is a collective of people who get together to become puppies. We are convened by the notions of tenderness, anti-speciesism, companionship and posthumanism. We intervene public spaces and organize gatherings to expand the curiosity of those who want to sniff new perspectives. We construct notions of sociability from dogness and the typical codes of sensual imaginary.




Osías Yanov:

Osías Yanov’s multidisciplinary practice includes performances, celebrations, drawings, installations, sculptures and videos. His works explore the creation of conceptual and sensorial fields of resistance against any stereotyping control of subjectivity. His practice is nurtured by gender theories, esoteric philosophies, night parties, communion with nature. He draws on cultural objects and memories that affect our bodily ways of being in the world and with each other. Yanov believes in sensorial experiences and the erotic as tools for creating knowledge and social transformation. His methodology for developing performances often involves working closely over a period of time with a group of people or community. 

Lulo Demarco:

Lulo Demarco is an artist who works with video, food, looks, and anything that can be edited. They are interested in the social ramifications of the use of the internet, party scenes and cyborgs. With a strong queer perspective, their work explores real and imagined systems and ways of being inserted into the world. In 2014 they started the art collective BásicaTV.

Tomo Cabrera

Tomo Cabrera is an audiovisual artist and teacher/researcher at Image and Sound Design career. He specialises in screenplay writing and he took part in the development of many sci-fi, fantasy and horror film projects. Also, he has played the role of art director in advertising, films and videoclips. That experience allows Cabrera’s art practice to explore fictional and utopic fields using as many tools or mediums he knows: internet and social media, video editing, drawing, writing, audiovisual installation or (proto)performance.

Alejo Petriz

Alejo Petriz (aka Nereida) is a multidisciplinary artist and performer. They work with various artistic groups such as Suavecitxs, Sirenes Errantes, ORGIE (Organización Grupal de Investigación Escénica), Comparsa Drag, Princesas del Asfalto. They are interested in the notion of nereids, mermaids, nymphs, drag, shibari, affecting public spaces, dogness, tenderness and mass contact. Their work explores the different possibilities of socializing, sharing, spreading and bursting alternative ways of being.

Julia Hadida

Julia Hadida is a dancer, performer and sociologist. She is part of different self-managing artistic groups such as ORGIE, Sirenes Errantes, Suavecitxs and Princesas del Asfalto. She refers to herself as a boxer (dog breed). As a little child, she used to enjoy dancing hip hop.

Meme Liébana

Meme studied direction in photography and graphic design. He works as a freelancer mainly of video and branding, but also multitasking, asistent and handcrafting in general.


Victoria Papagni 

Kmi Koni 

Ju Ishi 



Aoiɛːʁ?oh puppy calls and accidents is part of a series of online commissions supported by Arts Council England.

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