Rebecca Lennon

Eating the wallpaper collapses the sharp lines.

Liquid trickles down the face. A wild fox and a domestic dog scream together. You’re thirsty. The thirst of the vampire is similar to depression. The thirsty have no energy, cannot wake with the light and feel a sense of lack.

but liquid cannot pay what’s due. liquid cannot pay what’s due

The fear of contamination via liquid runs strong here. An eel with toxic shock from the brine pool at the bottom of the sea is knotting itself into a figure 8. Infected liquid is oozing out of my eczema holes. I can’t go bare foot near swimming pools or wet floors in case I step on a floating plaster or some other foreign body. I’ve got too much histamine.

There’s a practice of removing tiles from the roofs of terrace housing, so that the rain can come in, causing the house to rot from the inside out, and forcing dereliction.

Last year, Knotweed spread its roots under my house, splitting the pipes from the inside out and forcing liquid body out of the drains and down the street. The neighbours stood in their driveways watching it flow past them, while I swept it into plastic bags using a dustpan and brush.

I used to eat the wallpaper. Particularly that wallpaper that had an unpleasant chalky texture and so many years of paint that it cut the roof of my mouth and stuck in my teeth until it bled. Nothing could get in past this. Eating the wallpaper collapses the sharp lines.

Pushing the voice to breaking point collapses the sharp lines.

In therapy, when the voice breaks, something else can come through the holes. Something liquid. Like infected eczema or sparrows singing the sound of a saw. A speaking cure. The animal plays its no voice liquid out on loop like a fountain. An eel knots. People are wearing spikes resembling anti-homeless architecture on their trainers. I was always ashamed of my house as a child, I didn’t want anyone to come over for tea.

Eating the wallpaper collapses the sharp lines. A wild fox and a domestic dog scream together. Liquid cannot pay whats due

A surround sound poly-vocal composition and performance.

Featuring Carl Gent and Stella Kajombo

Image: Rebecca Lennon, WORDS ARE ANGULAR SHARP, TENANT (HD video, 3 mins 43 seconds) at Matts Gallery, Bermondsey, 2018. Photo by Jonathan Bassett


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