Shantéh – I.D

To launch her debut album I.D Shantéh worked with Kunstraum to launch an exhibition and listening party. This was a journey through Shantéh’s past, present and future, with live performances and DJ set by Rare Treat. An exclusive look and listen to the album before it’s release and the mind behind its creation.

“I.D is the sonic culmination of everything that has inspired me to be who I am today as a music artist. It’s the audible timeline of how my sound became what it is. I have a very musical family, with my grandad and his twin brother being a part of sound systems back home in Jamaica as youths, to my mother playing drums as a kid and now a radio DJ, and my younger sisters now taking on music too. I also grew up in church and joined a prominent gospel choir at the age of 11 called IDMC. I started performing with them doing shows all around the country and around Europe and that gave me a lot of experience and knowledge about the music industry at a very young age. This would then open a lot of opportunities for me as it ended up taking me to Denmark in 2015. I didn’t realise that was the trip that would, in a few years, change my life. Fast forward to 2020 and I’m in Copenhagen being offered a publishing deal in the middle of a global pandemic. 2021 arrives, I’ve left Brixton, South London and I’ve moved out there on my own. No friends or family, just me… And this accidental album is the beautiful creation that came out of my journey. It’s about my roots and culture, my heritage, my faith, my confidence, my city and my art, all tied together by the love of my friends and family. This one is for all of you.”

Exec production of our live music programme by Lionbeat with Bassis TV

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