Shelly Nadashi

Dina: “You must try the CGA – celery, ginger and avocado – Please try the CGA Alexis.”
Rina: “In this place there are no seasons. Every day the sun goes up and down precisely at the same time. We are on the equator.”
Dina: “Everything is predictable and stable in here, always.”
Rina: “But you only need to travel a short distance and hop, you’re already somewhere completely different.”
Dina: “Have you done Bali?”
Rina: Of course, we go there all the time, it’s one of our places. We love the Balinese and we love Ubud.
Dina: “How about the Maldives? Have you done Sri Lanka?”
Rina: “Of course, we were there over Chinese New Year.”
Dina: “We did the Maldives for Thanksgiving.”
Rina: “We’ve done weekends in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand AND Laos.”
Dina: “We can say we’ve done all of Indochina really. We’ve done vacations in Thailand and Cambodia. Terrible to see the killing fields, but such enterprise.”
Rina: “We did the hot air balloon at dawn in Bagan.”
Dina: “Oh, we did one in Siem Reap. Lovely view of the temples.”
Rina: “I always feel once you’ve seen one temple you’ve really seen them all.”
Dina: “I know, but not in Japan right?”
Rina: “We love Japan. Oh we love Japan for the ski. Nothing like Japan in the winter.”
Dina: “Did you do the tea ceremony?”
Rina: “Unfortunately we had to run. We were only there for 24 hours, but we did manage one shrine.”

Shelly Nadashi: The Avocado Vampire continues from 27 April – 9 June. This new commission for Kunstraum is supported by Artis Grant Program and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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