Part of our ongoing collaborations with young designers and creative people, Kunstraum invites streetwear label Sons of the First Tribe to occupy the gallery space for a week. The by-invitation launch night is open to Kunstraum audience via this link.


SO SOFT World Tour Exhibition explores a shared story between four cities told through streetwear construction and set design.

Our need to connect with each other is primal. In everything we do and all that we are, we pay homage to stories we’ve connected to, carrying them with us like a breathing anthology. We share these visions and stories through styles, references and emotions; inviting others to collaborate in an appreciation for the human spirit.

That spirit is what has created the SO SOFT World Tour; an exhibition by Sons of the First Tribe. We are a london based high-end streetwear label with a love for story, but most importantly a love for the process of making it. Our joy comes from celebrating and illuminating the often unsung characters behind the scenes and behind the process.

Jack, Fil and Sol: the individuals behind the creativity and craft are artists, bound together by a shared vision and a silent bond of understanding. The culture of these young london based film set designers is also our culture. Together we bring you an exhibition that connects the worlds of streetwear construction and film set construction.

Let us take you on a journey that explores a shared story between four cities: Shanghai, Berlin, Kampala and Rio De Janeiro. Each set captures a space in time reflecting the atmosphere and culture of its respective city. Painting an intricate snapshot of a story which connects each scene by emotion, culture and most visually, fashion.

Like any magic moment worth remembering, you’d have to be there to really get it. So come in and connect with us.


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