Sophie Jung

→ Exhibition 14 Apr – 27 May 2017

Published by Kunstraum, London (2017)
Editor: Thomas Cuckle
Text by: Thomas Cuckle, Tom Morton, Sally O’Reilly, Paul Clinton, Megan Nolan
Design: Kristin Metho
Pages: 40 (8 colour)


“For Sophie, practice and life are often indivisible, becoming merged in the heightened expression of care – for the objects, sentences and happy accidents which make up her productions. The personal and the professional Sophie Jung feed one another; the things with which she deals become intertwined with the minutia of the artist’s daily experience. It’s telling that Sophie chooses her nearest and dearest as her closest collaborators, assistants and performers.

Producing My Credentials is the child of a residency in the exhibition space in which it can be seen. During this time the daily office activities of Kunstraum were relocated or suspended to make way for Sophie’s studio practice. 21 Roscoe Street was the base around which Sophie’s international life revolved for six weeks; it provided a shelter for the artist as well as for her practice.”

– Thomas Cuckle
page 36


“To me at least, the idea of lacquering your feral, wonkily charming storytelling with yet more fiction feels unnecessary, and even rather queasy-making.”

– Tom Morton
page 3


“Sophie Jung doesn’t know what she’s talking about. In performing her monologues she hesitates, pre-varicates, anxiously and comically meanders until she stumbles upon an idea that will get her out of whatever impasse she’s created for herself.”

– Paul Clinton
All Tension, No Release
page 23


“One way to treat a phantom limb is to hold a mirror up to the patient as they attempt to move it, and if you do this over and over and over again, their brain will begin to rewire itself. Do you see, you have to ask, that it is gone?”

– Megan Nolan
Look at the rain!
page 31

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