To Ailsa Rock

Taking over Kunstraum’s space through June and July – Beatrice Loft Schulz and Lindsay McMillan are invited by Kunstraum to propose a different way of occupying our space, re-envisaging the gallery as a flexible site for the production of our Friends & Neighbours commissions throughout the Summer.


To Ailsa Rock: Beatrice Loft Schulz and Lindsay McMillan

I am a cloud that wants to become the sea. Ailsa Craig is a tiny uninhabited island off the West Coast of Scotland, visible from the beaches of Ayrshire. You can take a boat trip with a guy called Mark. We tried to go, but people kept dropping out (depression, food poisoning, chickenpox) until we had to cancel the trip.

Pay attention to the birds and the flowers and bees. They know what is best for them, as do you. Common Green and Blue Hone granite, quarried on the island, are used to make Olympic curling stones. Blue Hone, used on the bottom of curling stones, has very low water absorption, which prevents repeatedly freezing water from eroding the stone. The density of the granite meant Ailsa survived, when all the rocks around it were worn down by the sea.

To Ailsa Rock continues to 28 July, but will be ever changing and at times occupied for workshops and activities. Produced with support from Arts Council England


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