Yamina Līyara – The Nature of We x Tongues Untied

The new season at Kunstraum begins with an intimate movement art experience – The Nature of We x Tongues Untied” featuring performances with @yaminalyara@vikicercek, Muti Musafiri @mutivation_ and friends.

“During the evening we’ll be sharing an insight into the unfolding work of “Tongues Untied”, an evocative and poetic expression of the innate wisdom enmeshed in our untamed bodies.

The work focuses on the search of re-enchanting ourselves with our raw and untamed expression, and re-awakens our connection to our kinship amongst each other. A reclamation of our medicine and an unearthing of stories hidden deep inside flesh and bones. In a container that holds and empowers the feminine and offers to build a bridge between her multitudes of being, the spaces in between. Inspired and informed by the elemental forces of nature and its principles of cooperation and cyclicality the work researches and explores holistic art, for the audience to viscerally be received.

During the evening we are weaving together a journey and open up the container for our wider community to be heard, seen and supported. We encourage to let your creative spirit be activated and to allow yourself to be witnessed in what wants to come through.

We will express in dialogue, we will move and reciprocate.

With an open heart we receive and give.”

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